• Risk analysis
  • Prevention of accidents, incidents, and avoiding dangers and casualties.
  • Redundant security systems implementation and processes emergency stops.
  • Fire fighting systems according to NFPA.
  • Contingency plans and immediate action plan.
  • Training and Certification of safety work leaders. (Skill Trades in safety)
  • Analysis and optimization of processes.
  • Lean manufacturing techniques applied to specific processes (5’S, TPM, Poka Yoke, Visual Factory, etc.)
  • Statistical Process Control and Trend Analysis.
  • Reliability and Maintainability in defined production lines and processes.
  • Tasks analysis and diagnostics of performance in the productive area.
Environmental Impact
  • Determination of environmental impact intensity in process and manufacturing lines.
  • Analysis of wastes in processes and plant operation.
  • Management of hazardous materials and hazardous waste.
  • Containment, neutralization and mitigation systems for emergencies.
  • Specific cases of application of techniques of risk reduction in material handling.
  • Handling of residual powders and dust.
Plant Engineering
  • Conceptual, Basic and Detail Engineering in defined projects.
  • Construction supervision.
  • Critical Rigging and handling of materials of high complexity.
  • Plant Maintenance Engineering.
  • Optimization in the use of energy resources in Plant (Gas, Electricity, Steam, etc.)
  • Energy saving programs.
  • Heat recovery in specific processes.
  • Simple cogeneration systems.
  • Recovery of steam boilers (up to 1500 ton / hr.)